About Me

Aloha from beautiful Maui!! 

I started this blog to share some of numerous experiences that came from years of remodeling, house flipping and real estate brokerage.   I grew up in a household where there was always some form of building or remodeling going on.   I remember helping my dad stain oak cabinets, paint and repaint apartments and stuff insulation into small attic spaces.  I don’t remember what my dad paid me, but it beat babysitting!     My dad was a teacher but always kept himself busy on the side with “spec” homes and rural apartment buildings, much to my mother’s dismay.    My interest in real estate began around age 16 when I read my first “Get Rich Flipping Houses” Book.   I was immediately hooked but also immediately shut down when my uncle told me I had to be 18 to get my real estate license.  Fast forward to the late 80’s in Seattle where I renovated and flipped four homes and sold residential real estate.   After I fulfilled my dream of moving to Hawaii in 1995, I continued my passion for remodeling and will feature some of my recent projects in this blog.

A more important aspect than how nicely a project turned out is how financially successful the project was.   I can’t stress the importance of doing your homework on the property BEFORE you buy it.   This includes purchase price, an accurate budget for your remodel, an “after remodel” value of the property and the importance of having a backup plan in case something unexpected happens (think Covid 19!).    IT’S NO FUN IF YOU DON’T MAKE MONEY AT IT!! 

If you are considering buying a vacation rental or have already purchased one that needs remodeling or outfitting and are looking for ideas, I hope you find my blog helpful and entertaining!