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Maui Real Estate Listings – Sellers Food For Thought

At Hi Vision Properties, we have had cases where sellers walk into our office asking to be on the Maui Real Estate listings. It is guys that decide that they want to sell their property, but they haven’t taken the time to decide what they actually want.

It is crucial to make certain decisions about your house before you sell them. Therefore we decided to put together a list of questions that we will normally ask our sellers when they first walk in.

What Do You Enjoy About Living In The Property That You Want To Put On The Maui Real Estate Listings?

With this question, we want you to remember what you liked while living on your property. These features or characteristics could be things that other people might enjoy as well. This is the departing point for our marketing strategy to determine your house’s best features and characteristics.

Are These Features Important For Your Next Property?


With this question, we want you to start to understand why you want to leave your current property. Is it something in the property that is driving you, such as too little space? Or perhaps you like your property, but you have to relocate due to work.

Start thinking about your current property and what you like about that property. Which of your current property features would you like to see or keep in your next property?

Do You Want The Highest Price In The Shortest Time?

The goal of selling your property is not the same for everyone. You might relocate for work, have a divorce, or you might want a bigger house. The reason why you want to add your property to the Maui Real Estate listings will determine the price of your property and the time frame in which you want to sell your property.

The ideal might be the highest price in the shortest time, but you might be ready to settle for a lower price in a shorter time frame. Or perhaps time is not your deciding factor, so you are willing to wait a little bit longer to get the perfect price.

What Services Do You Want To Use In Marketing Your Property?


The answer “all of them” is the easy answer to this question, but not necessarily the right answer. This question follows the previous question of deciding on your time frame and your property price before considering Maui Real Estate Listings.

If you want the highest price in the shortest amount of time, yes, let’s throw all marketing efforts into selling it. If you have a different goal in mind, we can tailor our marketing efforts to meet your specific needs.

At Hi Vision Properties, we have over thirty years of involvement in different real estate aspects that allowed us to collect knowledge and insight into the industry. We combine the knowledge and insights to give you our client the most comprehensive representation. We ensure that this selling process is unique and that we will support you through the whole process.