Maui Vacation Rentals

Outfitting Your Vacation Rental – Bathrooms

When guests visit Hawaii, they usually stay at least a week.   It is a long way to go for just a few days and now with the added issues surrounding Covid 19, it makes a shorter stay unattractive.   This means they will go through small toiletries and will purchase large bottles of shampoo and sunscreen.   In the past, I have donated mostly full bottles of shampoo to the local homeless shelters but in light of Covid 19 risks, I think I will have to just toss what gets left behind.

I have been supplying hotel sized shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, sunscreen and small bars of soap purchased in bulk from Amazon.  Recently, I have added anti-bacterial hand soap.   Also provided are a basic first aid kit, hair dryer, 3 extra rolls of TP and a squeegee or microfiber cloth for the shower glass.

If you have a shower curtain and liner, I would recommend replace the liner between guests or at least clean and disinfect the liner between guests.  Mold in the bathroom is sure to get you a one star review.

In smaller bathrooms that don’t have much storage, I have use a train rack for towels. I supply two sets per person plus two sets of bath towels and wash cloths either in the linen closet or somewhere  nearby.  I also supply a bath mat (easily washable) plus an extra one in the linen closet.   Because of Hawaii’s climate, I use only quick drying towels.   If wet towels get piled up on the floor, they mildew and smell pretty quickly.   I have found them at Macys and on Amazon.

I highly recommend a magnifying mirror as well.    If you have room to attach a lighted magnifying mirror on the wall, those are much appreciated and won’t get carried home in someone’s suitcase.   I have tried the ones with suction cups that get attached to the walls but haven’t been able to get them to stick for very long.

Bath rugs are iffy.  If they cannot be washed between guests, I would ditch them.   If you really need something on the floor, I would use a colored rubber mat like this one from Target.   I have seen them in red, gray and tan.  They have a “fabric look and feel” on the top but the rest is rubber.   These can easily be washed with dish soap and a scrub brush and will dry pretty quickly.

Basically, the bathroom and kitchen must be SPOTLESS and SMELL free.   Your guests will not forget seeing someone else’s hair !  YUK!   Recently Airbnb and other vacation rental business have produced guidelines for enhanced cleaning.   Please take the time to read through these and try to incorporate at least some of these procedures.   Your guests will appreciate your effort!