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Outfitting Your Vacation Rental

Beds are the number two priority for a potential guest. The first is usually “how far are you from the beach?”. While most couples like a king size bed, a Maui sized bedroom can frequently be too small to fit a king.   Sometimes even a Queen bed can be a tight fit. Then there is the option to have a sleeper sofa to augment the number of people that your place can sleep.  I don’t usually opt for the additional sleeper because upping the number of people it sleeps can intensify the wear and tear on your unit and your furnishings.  I guess it is your comfort level that should dictate what you decide.  

Mattresses are an expensive investment for any home but for a rental, there is the additional consideration of how long it will last. If a guest should remove the sheets   and see that the mattress is stained, well… you can bet that will end up in your reviews. Costco has a decent price but only one or two selections in each size and they won’t deliver. Bed Warehouse, Ashley Home Furnishings and Slumberworld will not only deliver but also have the rest of the bed:  headboards,  platform beds, etc. Home Depot online has beds and will ship for free but you need to go there in person to order it and be prepared to wait 3-5 weeks. I like the platform beds which don’t need a box spring but beware, some stick out beyond what the mattress will cover and are guaranteed to be a shin wacker!  

beds and bedding

With the recent focus on bed bugs, I decided I would start with a new clean mattress and use bedbug proof zippered mattress and pillow covers. These are washable and waterproof to help protect your mattress. I ordered these from Amazon.  

As part of the preparation of each set of guests, this sign is placed on the bed. The fastest way bed bugs get into your mattress is for a guest to set their suitcase on the bed. Placing a reminder to use the luggage racks (without saying why) will help to avoid contamination. I would not mention bedbugs in the sign as a guest might assume you had a problem with them.   

A good quality quilted mattress cover is a must.  I have bought a few different varieties but have been disappointed with the cheap ones. They fell apart after only one washing! Macy’s has a good selection but they might not be around much longer. Target and Walmart have a very limited selection so ordering them online may be your best bet. 

Now for the FUN part! The bed linens, decorative pillows and art above the bed set the stage for your bedroom.     

I purchased white sheets (mostly from Costco). They are bleachable and are easily replaceable without having to buy a whole new set. Target carries sheets that can be purchased separately. It is next to impossible to get single sheet replacements for colored or patterned sheets. I recommend having 3 sets for each bed. One set can be on the bed, one set can be used as a quick replacement during a quest’s stay and the third set is really helpful to the housekeepers. If you have back to back guests and limited time to clean, the housekeeper can put on a clean set and take the soiled ones for cleaning later. 

You will see I have used white coverlets on my beds and I guessing you thought “what is she THINKING?” I would not have had the courage to do this but my friend who has some super high end rentals on Oahu swears she has been using them for over 6 years with multiple washings and they look like new. I was able to get one in each size but then Macy’s discontinued them. I found some similar ones on Amazon and have been just as happy with them. The coverlets I bought come with two shams that fit queen or king pillows. This sets the basic all white bed and leaves you with many options for decorative pillows and art. 

Decorative pillows are a huge challenge to find in Hawaii, especially anything that is “island style”. Shipping is very expensive, sometimes more than the pillows themselves! If you need to get something that is on island, I would try Mind’s Eye in Lahaina and Target. Wayfair and Amazon have a great selection but when you get to your check out cart, the shipping costs might give you a heart attack. If you can shop on the mainland and stuff an extra suitcase, you would definitely save money and have a larger selection.  

WALL ART – It is rare to find Hawaii-appropriate art on the island. I will have more on this in my next post along with some of my best art finds.  

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