Maui Commercial Real Estate

Types Of Commercial Real Estate for Sale on Maui

When looking for commercial real estate for sale on Maui, you might wonder about the types of commercial real estate available. In this article, we define commercial real estate, and thereafter wee look at eight different types of commercial real estate.

Defining Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate assists businesses in completing their daily tasks; it is usually not a living space. However, it could be a living space if you are a multifamily property or hotel owner.

The majority of real estate is normally leased, but some companies prefer to own the property. There are commercial real estate properties for sale or lease on Maui. If you would like to look at our current listings, you can visit our Property pages.

8 Types Of Commercial Real Estate

There are eight types of commercial real estate for sale on Maui.


A multifamily property is a property that can house multiple families. This could be a high rise building where multiple apartments are rented to different families.


Office buildings fall into two categories urban and suburban properties. The urban properties are your high rises or skyscrapers that can be filled with many people, where your suburban properties are smaller in size and are usually found in smaller office parks.


Industrial properties are usually located outside of the urban areas. These properties can be categorized into heavy manufacturing, light assembly, bulk warehouses, or flex industrial.



Retailers use retail properties to sell goods or services to clients. These properties are properties such as restaurants, nail salons, hairdressers, and grocery stores.


Hotels offer accommodation and other services such as meals to tourists or people traveling for business purposes. You can put hotels into different categories based on the size and facilities of the property.


A mixed-use property can be various combinations of any of the above-mentioned property types. You can, for example, get an industrial property that has an office building.


A piece of land is pretty straight forward to explain; it is a property that doesn’t have properties. You can use the land to build a property, or it can be used for something like agriculture.


Special Purpose

Investors sometimes look for commercial properties for sale on Maui that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories. These properties could include amusement parks, self-storage, and churches, to name a few.

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